Ghost of Tsushima patch fixes its most annoying little problem

ghost of tsushima directors cut 02 zcP40O

Sucker Punch has rolled out a very important update for Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut on Thursday. Patch 2.08 specifically targets a longstanding problem that somehow wasn’t fixed with the game’s launch on PS5.

Simply put: it takes too long to view cosmetics in Ghost of Tsushima’s menu. If you decide to check how a piece of armour, hat or anything else looks on your character before you commit, you’re looking at upwards of six or seven seconds for the preview to load.

Good luck trying to flip through colours or styles for the same armour set, because by the time it loads, you will have likely forgotten what the original design looks like. Flipping back and forth between them doesn’t help, either, because it will still take the same amount of time to load each preview.

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