Get this bundle of Louisiana-based indie games and help Hurricane Ida relief efforts

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Hurricane Ida has ravaged the Gulf Coast of the United States, as well as huge portions of the eastern seaboard. As recovery efforts get underway, a group of game developers based out of Louisiana have assembled a bundle of indie games, with proceeds going to support several charities dedicated to helping victims of the storm.

The Southeast Louisiana Hurricane Ida Relief Bundle includes 15 games, and it’s available on In Last Man Alive, you play as astronaut Jerry Jerry Lewis, and must choose how to spend your last 15 minutes alive aboard the second International Space Station. Doggone: The Journey Begins is a non-violent 2.5D adventure game where you play as a dog trying to find your way home.

In adventure game Headspace, you play as the Rational Brain, helping other organs in the body cope with symptoms of depression and anxiety. Final Battle is an interactive piece of fiction about the thoughts we’ll face as our lives come to an end. Then there’s Shopping Spree, which gives you a grocery cart and a randomly generated shopping list, and you’ll have to race through a supermarket to find all the items on it.

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