Genshin Impact Kazuha banner and abilities

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Kazuha is one of the Genshin Impact new characters  rumoured to be arriving in the 1.6 update, and information on his abilities have already been datamined. He’s an Anemo Sword user and hails from Inazuma, but ‘currently lives with the Crux Fleet of Liyue’. According to his character information, he’s a ‘gentle and carefree soul whose heart hides a great many burdens’.

From the information we already have, it looks like Kazuha could be useful as either a support or DPS character, depending on how you build him and how many of his constellations you’re able to unlock. Interestingly, he focuses on elemental damage, and scales with elemental mastery. He depends heavily on his weapons and artifacts to provide him with damage bonuses as he doesn’t get these from his ascension.

He receives a huge elemental damage bonus from his ultimate when it combines with another element, and deals additional elemental damage whenever he causes a swirl reaction, so we recommend pairing him with characters who can provide this, like Chongyun or Hu Tao. Of course, Kazuha’s abilities are subject to change ahead of release, so while this information is useful as a baseline, prepare for Kazuha to be tweaked when his banner release date finally arrives.

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