Genshin Impact datamine uncovers Gorou, a Geo fox boy with a bow

genshin impact gorou banner release date PPfWSs

Genshin Impact is a leaky vessel at the best of times, but it’s been a bit of an odd week for the anime game. Mihoyo got the jump on a few of the game’s prominent leakers by confirming several characters early, but we’ve now got a heap of other character leaks anyway – it’s all too much information to handle.

One of the more popular characters to emerge from the recent round of leaks is a Geo bow user called Gorou. You don’t see too many characters who wield a bow and use Geo, but plenty seem drawn to his appearance. Gorou is an anthropomorphic chap with fox ears and a tail who is going down rather well in certain circles on Reddit and Twitter.

We’ve also got an electric bow user called Sara, a Pyro polearm user called Tohma, an electro catalyst wielder called Guuji Yae, and plenty more. All of these characters have been datamined, so chances are we won’t see them for quite some time, and they may still change about a fair bit before Mihoyo decides to release them.

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