Fortnite – Where to find the tallest mountain to place the spirit crystal

fortnite spirit crystal location rB1Op8

Want to know where in Fortnite the tallest mountain is? This is one of the more ambiguous challenges if you don’t know where to go, or indeed, what a spirit crystal is. Is it to do with the Spire Guardians, one of the Fortnite bosses, and the big thing they drop? Perhaps by ‘tallest mountain’, the challenge means the Spire that’s now in the middle of the map?

As it turns out, no. It’s neither of those and it’s a far simpler task. You just need to find somewhere taller than the Spire and there’s one place that fits the bill. Placing the spirit crystal is merely just interacting with the highlighted location like you would any other recent challenges, such as building Fortnite sandcastles.

Believe us when we say that the Fortnite broken telescopes and downed black helicopter are much harder to find. So if you just want to be done with this challenge, then here’s where to find the tallest mountain in Fortnite, and anything else you need to know regarding this rather simple challenge.

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