First Impressions: 10 Things We Learned About Game Builder Garage

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We’ll be in the garage if you need us.

For the most part, all of the big-name console developers have tried their hand at giving the everyday Joe a fun and approachable way to make their own games. Sony and Media Molecule released Dreams last year, Microsoft dropped Project Spark back in 2014, Nintendo released a couple of games that gave us the keys to make our own 2D Mario levels and even snuck some impressive game creation tools within the Nintendo Labo series of kits. Then just a few weeks ago, Nintendo announced Game Builder Garage, a new standalone game that’s looking to get aspiring designers and programmers’ feet wet.

Game Builder Garage appears to use a bit of the framework that helped shape the same creation tools we saw with the Toy-Con Garage in the Labo series, but from the preview we sat in on last week with Nintendo, it appears to offer more possibilities than we could have imagined.

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