Far Cry 6 amigos – which companions can you recruit?

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Looking for more information on the Far Cry 6 companions? When the Far Cry 6 release date arrives, and you become part of the revolution in Yara seeking liberation from the Castillo family, you won’t travel across the island’s jungles, beaches, and cities alone.

Like the Guns for Hire and Fangs for Hire system in previous games, companions are available in Far Cry 6. Known as amigos, these animals can be called upon to assist you in battle, alongside the powerful Far Cry 6 weapons at your disposal.

There are five Far Cry 6 amigos that we know of that are unlocked throughout the campaign. Each of them has a unique way to help you out in battle. They also all have abilities that can be unlocked to improve their combat skills – we’ll let you know as soon as we find out exactly what these do, but they appear to be unlocked as you use the amigo in battle. We don’t know everything about the Far Cry 6 amigos yet, but here’s all the information we have so far.

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