Fallout 76’s latest patch fixes busted enemy spawns

Fallout 76 Mirelurk Iowts2

There’s a new patch out for post-apocalyptic MMO game Fallout 76, and while it’s light on headline changes, it makes two important fixes that players have been begging for: broken enemy spawning and an extremely annoying issue with sound effects for heavy weapons.

Update version includes a fix for an “issue that prevented enemies from respawning correctly.” This issue had cropped up with Update 27, players reported, and it led to problems with completing limited time challenges that involved killing specific numbers of enemies. Someone would go in, kill all the creatures in an area, and they wouldn’t reappear for a long, long time. The latest update appears to have fixed this, so you should be able to complete challenges in a more reasonable timeframe from now on.

The second fix that players seem most relieved about is for a bug that led to heavy weapon spin-up sound effects continuing to play after they ceased firing when the weapons had the tri-barrel mod attached. Nothing worse than a gatling laser that just won’t shut up, right? Mercifully, that’s been addressed in the latest patch as well.

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