Falling Frontier looks like the space RTS game of our dreams

Falling Frontier E3 2021 demo 1Ozm8E

E3 is a time of wonders, but as much as we can be excited by Battlefield 2042 – and whatever else the schedule will throw at us over the next week – there’s plenty to look at from the indie realm as well. Falling Frontier is a space-based RTS strategy game that we’re quite excited about, if nothing else because it’s so darn pretty.

Designed by one-man band Todd D’Arcy under the name Stutter Fox Studios, it strikes a balance between logistics and management-based gameplay that uses more believable science, and the fun, flashy laser-fest that science fiction is known for. “I’ve created this grounded and intentional world that is familiar to people,” D’Arcy explains, “but still has a lot of things that people expect [from sci-fi].”

It’s a difficult mix of ideals to balance – the environments in Falling Frontier are some of the prettiest I’ve ever seen in a space strategy game to date, but the solar system is a fixed environment devoid of orbital mechanics. Likewise, the focus on logistics and managing a growing orbital empire is all done within the context of jump drives being a thing.

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