Euro Truck Simulator 2 devs tease new truck model like it’s bigfoot

euro truck simulator 2 new truck daf mdXEJ6

We’re living in a truck simming world, and there’s no slowing down SCS Software’s convoy of updates. Official multiplayer is on the way, new DLC is cooking, and now the devs are teasing a new Euro Truck Simulator 2 vehicle like it’s bigfoot. Er, that is, like it’s bigfoot the sasquatch, not Bigfoot the monster truck. (Though that would be cool, right?)

Alongside a handful of obscure photos of the new truck, the devs say: “As photographed, the vehicle was covered in a special camouflage wrap typically used by manufacturers to obscure a vehicle’s shapes, lines and unique elements, to make it hard to discern exactly [what] a new vehicle model will look like before its official reveal.”

It’s all a bit overly mysterious, but it looks very much like this is an as-yet-unannounced new vehicle from Dutch manufacturer DAF Trucks. This wouldn’t be the first time SCS has gotten to unveil a new truck model in partnership with an auto company – the devs did the exact same thing last year with Western Star.

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