Elder Scrolls Online wanted to explore the Dwemer, but Todd Howard said no

Morrowind Dwemer Ruin vawwNN

The Elder Scrolls series of RPG games has its fair share of mysteries, and among the most intriguing is the Dwemer, an ancient race that mysteriously disappeared. The Elder Scrolls Online wanted to shed some light on that story, but Todd Howard wasn’t so keen.

In an interview with Game Informer, Elder Scrolls Online creative director Rich Lambert revealed that the Dwemer was on the MMORPG game‘s drawing board, but the venture was quickly nixed. “We went down the path at one point where we were exploring Dwemer stuff. Everyone wants to know about that, and we wanted to know about it too, and we were digging into that,” Lambert explained, “and Todd kindly reminded us that this was something we will never do, we will never come out and spoil the mystery and the secrets of the Dwemer. But we did explore it just so we had a good idea of how this works.”

The Dwemer were an ancient, elven race in Tamriel, who vanished during the Battle of Red Mountain. Legend has it a Dwemer architect, Kagrenac, found some way to activate and harness the power of the Heart of Lorkhan, an Aedric artifact, during the battle to defend his race. It’s unknown what exactly occurred after, other than all but one of the Dwemer disappearing from Tamriel without a trace.

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