Doki Doki Literature Club Plus Sells Half a Million Copies in Two Weeks

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Publisher Serenity Forge and developer Team Salvato have announced that Doki Doki Literature Club Plus has surpassed half a million copies sold in two weeks.

The enhanced version of Doki Doki Literature Club launched last month for PC, Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation as an updated version of the 2017 horror visual novel about an after-school club with dark, disturbing secrets.

The updated version includes new side stories, improved visuals, and new music and images on top of all the content from the original game.

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The half-million number is especially impressive in comparison to downloads of the original, which saw over two million digital downloads in its first four months as a completely free game on PC, while Doki Doki Literature Club Plus is out in both physical and digital formats and costs $15. We named Doki Doki Literature Club one of our favorite horror games of 2017.

“I’ve had the opportunity to hear from so many fans about their experiences with DDLC Plus, especially the new Side Stories,” said creator Dan Salvato. “We’re all brought together through connecting with the club members and relating to their everyday challenges. It inspires us to take on our own challenges and be our best selves. It means so much to me that I can make a difference in that way, and I hope our feeling of closeness will never have to subside. I’m eternally grateful for it.”

Aside from Doki Doki Literature Club Plus, Salvato has said previously that he was ready to move onto new projects, so we’re likely to see more from the team in the future.

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