Diablo Immortal’s endgame is “much richer” than Diablo 3’s

diablo immortal endgame R4cvpa

Diablo is getting some showing this year. Blizzard revealed the Diablo 2 remaster at Blizzcon 2021 before being confirming it was coming out this year. We’ve known about Diablo Immortal for quite a while longer, though it’s also launching in 2021 for mobile devices.

While Diablo Immortal has heaps of dungeons to pillage for loot and characters to master, you may be wondering what the game’s endgame has in store for you. Speaking to Pocket Tactics, senior combat designer Julian Love explains it’s a “much richer endgame experience” than Diablo 3 and is very much its own thing.

“One of the things that we really want is for players to have lots of different things to do in order to progress their characters,” Love says. “We have things like elder rifts, which are an incremental improvement on greater rifts. Then you’ve got the Helliquary, you’ve got bounties, you’ve got PvP. There’s also the Cycle of Strife that includes an adventurer thread, which is for people who are more PvE focused.

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