Destiny 2 Expunge Labyrinth guide – how to start the mission

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Stuck trying to start Expunge in Destiny 2? The first mission for season pass holders has arrived – part of the Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer roadmap and the weekly reset, alongside a new Destiny 2 Nightfall weapon. The Expunge mission requires you to delve into this season’s Vex Network and complete some basic puzzles, working your way towards a Vex boss fight.

Although successfully completing this mission won’t grant you a shiny new Exotic, it is tied to the main Season of the Splicer storyline, and isn’t overly challenging, unlike the recent relaunch of the Vault of Glass raid. The recommended power level is 1290, however, and for the more daring there’s a seasonal challenge, Expedited Expunge, which you have to complete this mission in less than ten minutes.

This is also one of the missions where Splicer Gauntlet upgrades come in handy to traverse tricky floating platforms and present shortcuts to you and your team. We recommend taking on the Expunge Labyrinth with friends, but it’s still a fun solo challenge. Here’s how to start the weekly Expunge mission in Destiny 2.

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