Deathloop isn’t the game I thought it was, and that’s a good thing

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My idea of what Deathloop is has changed a lot since its E3 2019 reveal trailer. Then, I was under the impression it would be an FPS game with an omnipresent rival assassin who stalks you everywhere you go, sort of like Resident Evil 2’s Mr. X. A couple of months ago an explainer video from Bethesda left me thinking that Deathloop was going to be a triple-A roguelike. Turns out Deathloop is neither of those things, but whatever it is, I want in.

A recent hands-off look at Deathloop with Arkane Lyon starts with protagonist Colt’s death at the hands of rival assassin Julianna. The screen fades to black and then Colt springs back to life on a beach, wondering where he is, who Julianna is, who he is, and coming to the natural conclusion that he must be hungover.

As Colt wanders up the beach, mysterious floating messages – some informative, others playful – direct him to a machine pistol, which he picks up and cocks before firing a few rounds at some mannequins. Next, he heads into a bunker, picking up some supplies he appears to have some familiarity with, before making his way deeper into the bunker and along a cliff path. A piercing jingle rings out from a tannoy – Julianna introduces herself, before announcing that Colt is trying to break the loop and should be killed on sight.

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