Dark fantasy RTS Age of Darkness: Final Stand hits Steam next month

age of darkness final stand 2 17ilV5

It’s a good time to be a fan of fantasy RTS games. Age of Darkness: Final Stand comes to Steam Early Access very soon on October 7, bringing – as its name suggests – an epic battle against a nightmarish force to test your strategic mettle.

You’ll have to beat back swarms of enemies, drawing on your mighty heroes’ unique powers and building their skills tactically, to banish a life-sapping mist called the Veil from your territory and take back the light. The premise might sound simple, but Age of Darkness is a complex beast at its core.

Tens of thousands of enemies spawn each ‘Death Night’, pouring out of the darkness and onto your turf. More than 70,000, in fact, thanks to developer PlaySide’s home-brewed ‘SwarmTech’. Like an RTS or tower defence, you have to shore up your defences and deploy your best strategies to win, but there are survival/roguelike elements too in that the key to success lies in the game’s replayability, and learning from defeat. Because you will be defeated, and you’ll need to learn the lessons each time to devise a strategy that’ll see you emerge victorious.

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