CS:GO modder launches eerie night-time version of popular map Insertion2

csgo insertion2 night 2 i9RS3L

Insertion2 is a fan-made Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map, launched earlier this year and recently updated, which offers a realistic-looking part-urban, part-rural map for Classic and Deathmatch that’s been a bit of a hit with fans. Filled with a variety of open and close-quarters combat spaces, it’s one of the most popular maps on the CS:GO Steam Workshop right now – and it’s just got a spooky night-time spin.

CS:GO map creator Oskmos’ new Insertion2 Night map casts an eerie reddish-grey darkness over the whole map, with the only main sources of light around to help you spot foes being pools of light from street lamps. While you’d probably assume all the lights would still be on in the map’s supermarket, making the close-up-and-personal combat at least as equally challenging as the day-time version, from the mod’s images it’s not entirely clear if that’s the case. Gulp.

Similarly, the night-time Insertion2’s many other spaces – pedestrian subways, train platforms, forested water tower area, and, if those dark windows are to be believed, some of the offices – are shrouded in darkness. So, it’s easy to see where this version is going to throw some additional challenges at players trying to keep a weather eye out for enemies throughout the map.

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