Crusader Kings 3’s game director teases more 3D environments in future updates

crusader kings 3 succession 1 edit 771uwe

Crusader Kings 3’s next expansion, Royal Court, offers a fresh new look for the grand strategy game as it introduces a new 3D throne room, and it sounds like the new environment won’t just be a one-off. In an interview with game director Alexander Oltner, he tells us that the expansion’s new visualisations open up exciting possibilities for the series, teasing, “I would not be surprised if we want to do more of this”.

Royal Court is the first expansion for the game following the smaller Northern Lords pack earlier this year and throws players into the medieval power fantasy like never before. The addition of the 3D visual space, the throne room, allows characters to display any treasures or artefacts they accumulate while playing, as well as giving them the option to hold court.

This feature marks a stark difference from the predominantly text-based gameplay of the Crusader Kings series that strategy lovers have come to expect. Instead of interactive text boxes, the 3D element now lets players witness events first hand and immerse themselves as King or Emperor.

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