Community: 12 Nintendo Switch Games We Missed, Recommended By You

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Part 3: Another dozen gems that escaped us.

The success of Nintendo Switch has led to a flood of quality games on the platform that not even the most optimistic Nintendo fan could have dreamed of in the leaner Wii U years. The constant stream of games from studios large and small means that even in the quieter periods between tentpole releases — the Monster Hunter Rises and Skyward Sword HDs of the world — there are dozens of smaller games to enjoy, not to mention a backlog of brilliant software on Switch eShop, often discounted to the point where lack of space on our micro SD cards is a more pressing issue than the cost.

We do our utmost to highlight as many of these smaller games as possible at Nintendo Life, but with the huge number of titles coming to Switch every week, it’s a struggle to highlight deserving titles in news articles, let alone review each and every game that piques our interest. In an effort to highlight games we’d missed, we asked the Nintendo Life community to nominate Switch games worth showcasing. We did the same last year with an initial twelve nominations, and again six months later with a further twelve. Now we’re back with part three, and a dozen more Switch games worthy of investigation.

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