Bungie explains how it’s improving Destiny 2’s PC performance following Beyond Light

destiny 2 vault of glass sprint GXGsMQ

Destiny 2 should be running just a little bit better on your PC now. Bungie has revealed in its latest weekly blog post that a big update (launched yesterday) included improvements to PC performance alongside another tuning pass for the Stasis subclasses.

Bungie explains that performance testing and optimisation on PC can be complex due to the different combinations of hardware, software, and in-game settings we all use. Throw that in with the fact the devs are working from home while tweaking Destiny 2 and Beyond Light, and you can see how things get tricky.

“With the release of Beyond Light, we made some major engine changes while working from home,” Bungie says. “One of the unfortunate consequences of working from home is that we no longer had access to our PC compatibility lab to do in-depth testing on the performance impacts of our changes. Partially as a result of this, the update introduced regrettable performance decreases on some PC configurations – some configurations more than others.”

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