Brief Impressions: F.I.S.T. is a metroidvania that struggles to land its punches

fist screenshot city QJGRRG

F.I.S.T. has all the trademarks of a good metroidvania: a sprawling map that can only be fully explored through acquiring new abilities and backtracking, an evolving combat system, plenty of boss fights, and hidden items to find. It also looks pretty swish at points, its dieselpunk aesthetic allowing the artists to create some beautiful vistas despite the 2D gameplay and viewpoint.

So why did I simply not feel the love for F.I.S.T., a game that on paper I should have really enjoyed?

I haven’t seen all that F.I.S.T. has to offer, but my lack of enthusiasm after four hours or so is down to two key things: combat and that magical sense of exploration found in the very best metroidvanias.

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