Biomutant’s latest patch adds new FOV settings, new loot, and more

biomutant release date 2T1YVQ

There’s another big patch out today for open-world game Biomutant, and it adds some welcome new features and fixes. Shortly after launch, Biomutant’s developers promised fixes for pretty much everything critics had complained about, and over the course of the past six weeks they’ve been as good as their word. This latest patch adds new settings for field of view, tweaks loot tables, and makes a host of other changes to improve your experience learning the ancient art of krav ma-guinea pig.

For PC players, Biomutant patch 1.5 adds a new ‘field of view type’ setting that allows you to select either horizontal or vertical field of view for adjustment. Experiment 101 says the vertical FOV setting can be useful for ultra-wide monitors when you want to make sure the game is displaying in the correct aspect ratio. We wouldn’t want to be looking at any stretched ferrets now, would we? They’re long enough as it is.

Perhaps the most noticeable change in this patch is the work done to the loot system. The dev says it’s reworked loot generation in order to “reduce duplicate items and improve variety.” You’ll also now be able to find new higher-rarity versions of items that have “substantially improved stats.” There’s also a new scrap action in the loot screen, which should cut down on time spent tidying up your inventory.

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