Best Fidget Toys: Pop Its, Simple Dimples, Crayloa Globbles and More

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There’s something deeply satisfying about absent-mindedly spinning, flicking, and popping small plastic items with your fingers. Fidget toys tap right into this impulse, offering a simple way for kids and adults to fiddle away anxiety and pent-up energy. A whole new crop of items has popped into existence in recent months, and we’ve got the scoop on the best fidget toys around.

So if you’ve thought about picking up a little mechanism to play around with between meetings or while gathering your thoughts, you’re probably wondering which ones are worthwhile. Below, we highlight all the best fidget toys for adults or kids.

Best Fidget Toys

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The above selection offers a variety of the best fidget toys for anxiety and general fun. They come in all shapes and sizes, and offer all kinds of different interactions. If you’re looking for something to distract yourself with, one of those items ought to work.

Best Silicone Pop Its

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Silicone pop its are some of the most popular fidget toys around. Unlike bubble wrap, they offer unlimited popping enjoyment. And really, what more could you want than that?

Best Fidget Cubes

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Fidget cubes are designed to give you lots of ways to interact with the device in the smallest possible package. And though these kinds of cubes were all pretty similar a couple years ago, there’s a lot of variety available now.

Best Fidget Toy Multi-Packs

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Why choose one kind of fidget toy when you can get a box full of them for cheap? These multi-packs sell very well and have received overwhelmingly positive reviews.

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