Arma 3 latest Global Mobilization update adds heavy duty artillery and nukes

arma 3 missile launcher ySxbLM

In the US Army, the infantry branch is known as the ‘Queen of Battle.’ It’s somewhat less well-known that there’s a king, and that crown belongs to artillery. So it’s a shame we get to see so little of it in modern war sandbox games. Fortunately, a new content update for Arma 3’s Global Mobilization DLC has added a whole lot of it, including the massive M109 Paladin.

This is the fourth content update for the Global Mobilization – Cold War Germany DLC since it launched more than two years ago. The latest update adds a total of eight new vehicles. There’s the M109 self-propelled howitzer (don’t call it a ‘tank’!) and the M109G variant used by the West German armed forces. Players also get the Soviet 2S1 Gvozdika (another self-propelled howitzer), the SF2 LARS 2 and BM-21 Grad multiple-launch rocket systems, and the Russian 2P16 short-range ballistic missile launcher, complete with the 2K6 Luna (which can carry a nuclear warhead).

Another neat piece of military kit that comes with the latest update is the BrPz 1 ‘Biber’ combat support vehicle. This is an easy vehicle to identify, because it has a massive, folded up bridge on top of it, which it can deploy over gaps and streams in order to create crossings for ungainly tanks and howitzers.

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