Apex Legends’ Valkyrie is getting nerfed

Apex Legends Valkyrie 62lZpx

Apex Legends‘ new kid on the block is getting a nerf to her jetpack. Respawn Entertainment explains on Twitter that Valkyrie’s tactical hover currently consumes fuel at 10% the standard rate, but Respawn is removing that as the team found top Valkyrie players “would often take coffee breaks above the final fight in scrims”.

The team is partly making the change with the ALGS Championship in mind, which is one of the battle royale game’s prominent competitive modes. Associate live balance designer John Larson reveals on Twitter that the update is going live on Thursday, so it’s a swift one, too.

The reaction hasn’t been great, with some fans airing concerns the change is being made with a small section of the fanbase in mind – professional players – whereas others have asked why the mechanic made it in the first place. “I think it was okay to ship with it,” Larson replies to the latter point. “I can guarantee we thought about it, but we didn’t know for certain if it would manifest itself as an issue. There’s a lot of things in this game that I’ve thought could be scary but never turn out to be (the DPS on Sheila, for example).”

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