AMD Zen 3 revision won’t bring faster gaming CPUs, but could ease stock issues

amd ryzen 5 3600 3600x bNd2QY

Leaker Patrick Shur reported earlier this week that AMD plans to update its best gaming CPU lineup to a new B2 revision, which produced some excitement around the possibility of incoming boosted XT variants of the Ryzen 5000 range, like we saw with the previous Ryzen 3000 chips. This won’t be the case, but the revision is still worth watching.

After Polish hardware site Benchmark reached out to AMD for further comment on the rumour, the hardware company shut down the possibility of faster chips. Roughly translated, a reply from AMD confirms that the Ryzen 5000 desktop CPU lineup will move to a new design specification over the next six months. But, it makes clear that “the revision does not bring improvements” in “functionality or performance”.

This revision could be important though, if it helps ease the stock issues affecting AMD’s latest high-end CPUs. While availability isn’t as woeful as the best graphics card, a quick look at Amazon shows many of its Zen 3 processors unavailable.

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