Absolute Best Prime Day 2021 Deals on Monitors for PS5 (UK)

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Prime Day is one of the absolute best times to be looking for a new monitor for PC gaming, or even for your new PS5 or Xbox Series X. Amazon has got some seriously good deals this year, so here’s a quick breakdown on the best deals. As we’ve had many requests for it as well, we’ll mark which monitors will suit PS5 along the way (and if we mention PS5, it’s likely great for Xbox as well).

Quick reminder, 4K 60Hz is very good and will cover you for the whole generation. But, if you want to play lots of shooters or racing games, 1080p 120-240Hz monitors are your best bet (unless you’re saving up for an HDMI 2.1 monitor).

Prime Day: How to Top Up £50 and Get £7 for FREE (Limited Time)

Step 1: Click the yellow “See on Amazon” button below.Step 2: Top Up your Gift Card balance online with £50 or more in one transaction.Step 3: You will receive an email from Amazon confirming your order and the extra £7 will be reflected in your Gift Card balance once the Top Up has been processed (usually within five minutes).

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Prime Day 2021: Best Gaming Monitor Deals (UK)

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Where to Get the Best 4K Gaming Monitors in the UK

We all want to get our 4K gaming monitors sorted for the Xbox Series X and PS5. Here are all of our best picks for the best 4K gaming monitors available in the UK.

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What Gaming Monitor is Best for PS5 and Xbox Series X

We’re not going to be gaming snobs here, and 4K 60Hz is a perfectly brilliant gaming monitor to use for everyday gamers. Not many games will overreach the 60fps mark, and quite honestly, the difference between 60 and 120 in everyday gaming is nowhere near dramatic as going from 30fps to 60fps, for example.

So, rest assured, 4K 60Hz monitors are a decent shout for those who don’t want to peddle over £1000 for a monitor. If you’re getting frustrated with your options, maybe go for a big 4K 120Hz TV instead, which is more regularly available in all shapes and sizes.

Another thing you’ll want to keep an eye out of is the response time on the monitor. Anything 6ms and under is decent, but for serious gaming, we’d recommend aiming for 1-4ms.


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