A Far Away Realm is Mario meets Battlefront and Fall Guys, from ex EA and Dice devs

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Lava Games is a brand-new studio launched with support from EA founder Trip Hawkins and Makers Fund with a bunch of former EA, Riot Games, and Dice devs across its global team, and it’s just announced its debut game has now opened Alpha sign-ups. Called A Far Away Realm, it’s a third-person, hero-based arcade platform shooter that’s kind of like what you’d get if Mario, Fall Guys, and Star Wars: Battlefront got a big ol’ mash-up.

The game’s development began back in 2020, Lava announces in a press release, and Alpha testing has now kicked off, with a limited number of founder packs up for grabs for the first 1,000, which offer early access to the title, “perpetual founder status”, and some hi-res posters signed by the game’s team. The game gets you to pick out your “adorable” hero player character, venture across a bunch of different, zany planets in its universe, and battle it out using magical abilities.

Designed to appeal to a wide range of players, it can be played casually or competitively, and it’s got pared-back controls, “explosive mechanics, and wacky physics” which add a “pinball-esque bounce to every step you take”, as the studio explains, with the mechanics and feel being something the studio has concentrated a lot of effort towards.

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